Vivienne, 2013

Tête à Tête Festival


Director: Joe Austin
Designer: Simon Kenny
Accompanist: Libby Burgess


Vivienne: Clare McCaldin


Kieron Quirke, Evening Standard * * * * *
“This was very good indeed – Stephen McNeff’s Vivienne , a 40-minute pieace which gives yet more limelight to TS Eliot’s ill-fated first wife, Vivienne Haigh- Wood… All is delivered by catty, horny McCaldin, all with a sheen of balmy. It’s a far better performance than we’re entitled to from someone who can also sing”

Kate Mason, One Stop Arts * * * * 
“Performed fantastically, perfectly channeling Vivienne’s fragile mental state… It’s rare that a one-woman show can be so clever and funny without dragging towards the end – but Vivienne  kept up its pace.”

Robert Hugill, Planet Hugill
“…a remarkable performance… you forget that this was sung at all and the work became simply drama of the most involving kind”